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Students share local grocery prices to build a growing table of data to be used in social studies, science, health, mathematics, and other disciplines.

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Thank you for your participation in the Global Grocery ListProject. Your data will be enjoyed by many teachers andstudents as they use it to learn and develop their informationprocessing skills.

Simply type the information indicated below about yourself andyour school and the prices that you have collected from the localgrocery store(s).

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this project.

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Item Quantity Price
Hamburger: 1 lb/1 kg
Rice: 1 lb/1 kg
Oranges: 1 lb/1 kg
Sugar: 1 lb/1 kg
All purpose flour: 1 lb/1 kg
Whole Milk: 1 Gallon/1 Litre
Cooking Chocolate: 1 lb/1 kg
Potatoes: 1 lb/1 kg
Butter: 1 lb/1 kg
Corn: 1 lb/1 kg
Peanut Butter: 1 lb/1 kg
Coffee: 1 lb/1 kg
Whole Chicken: 1 lb/1 kg
Eggs: One Single Egg
Premium Gasoline: 1 Gallon/1 Litre
Average Monthly cost of housing
Area Annual Per Capita Income:
Please use Percapita,
not household income
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