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Students share local grocery prices to build a growing table of data to be used in social studies, science, health, mathematics, and other disciplines.


Teacher access to a computer that:
  • is connected to the Internet
  • has a web browser (Netscape or internet Explore)
  • has a printer
  • has Microsoft Excel (optional)


  1. Send students to a local grocery store(s) with their parents to collect prices for each GGL item. Then, in class, calculate the average price for each item at the quantities specified in the U.S. and World prices lists.
  2. Go to the Submit Price List page by clicking that option at the main menu or by going to:
  3. Complete the date, name, participant category, city & state/Province, country, units and currency rate. If you are submitting a price list from a country other than the United States, enter the currency exchange rate to the U.S. dollar. You can click on Currency Exchange Rates link to look up your rate on the web. Also enter the name of your currency.
  4. Type the prices by the appropriate item in the list. Prices should be converted to the quantities lists, i.e. 1 pound or one kilogram. When you finish, click the Submit Your Price List button.
  5. After a moment you will get a Thank You page. Simply close this window to return to the Global Grocery List Main page.