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Students share local grocery prices to build a growing table of data to be used in social studies, science, health, mathematics, and other disciplines.

About Global Grocery List

Global Grocery List is a long standing project that generates real, peer collected data for student computation, analysis, and conclusion-building within the context of social studies, science, mathematics and other disciplines.
This project was designed by The Landmark Project, and continues to be supported by the Global SchoolNet Foundation.
The project creator and coordinator is David Warlick, a 20+ year educator and who now works as an instructional technology consultant (free-agent educator) and author.
Global Grocery List began on FrEdMail, a distributed educational network of the Global SchoolNet Foundation, in December of 1987. Since then it has collected grocery prices from classes all over the world and provided real data for examining important issues of our local and global communities.
Enjoy the project!
-- dave --