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An Overview of School AUP

We started writing AUPs (Acceptable Use Policies) a little more than ten years ago, as most schools started to get wired to the Internet. The opportunities were dizzying, but we had the wisdom to go cautiously. We saw potentials for abuse and even danger. So we set out to establish polices of restraint and enforced them.

Much has changed since 1995. The World Wide Web has become much more than a library where you went to find and consume information. It has become a collaborative environment, where the information becomes something that we participate with, rather than simply read and believe.

Social networks, blogging, p2p file sharing, community media, and Wikipedia are only a few of the applications that are turning the Internet into a platform for knowledge gathering and creation. It is no longer, just a source to be cited. It's a dynamic flow of information that demands engagement.

Our AUPs must adapt to this new information landscape, and they must be adaptable.

Here are a number of suggested goals for AUP 2.0:

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Tim Staal?13 May 2008, 14:53

This is a great idea - we too struggle with our AUP - would it be possible to perhaps add a legal requirements section ? What does CIPA require ? How about COPPA ? etc. Thanks!

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