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Welcome to School AUP 2.0

This is a dynamic document designed to support teachers, school media specialists, and education leaders in developing, maintaining, and enforcing policies designed to:

  1. Promote the most effective, productive, and instructionally sound uses of digital, networked, and abundant information environments.
  2. Provide safe digital environments for learners and to instill safe practices and habits among the learning community.

This wiki site will serve as a launchpad to other documents and communities seeking to provide guidance in acceptable use policy development and also as an incubator for ideas related to issues, document structures, new problems and opportunities, and maintenance.

This site invites collaboration among users. Some pages can be edited using "newaup" as the password. If you edit a page, please enter your name as the author and make some short comment of the nature of your edit.

Be aware that not all pages are editable.

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