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Important Notice:
S.L.A.T.E. has been in existence for many years. It provided a way for teachers to easily create WebQuest style activities out of a library of education-related web links. Today, there are brand new Web2.0 applications that enable us to do many of the same things, within social networks of resources and conversations.

For this reason, I will no longer be supporting this tool. It will remain on the web and fully functional. However, I will not be able to devote time to answering questions about its operation.

What is S.L.A.T.E.? SLATE stands for Strategic Learning and Teaching Environment. Simply stated, SLATE is a web tool that helps teachers construct web pages designed to help their students achieve one or more specific instructional objectives. SLATE constructed web activities have the following characteristics:
  • Teacher-written context, tying the student's activity to the instructional objectives, other disciplines, and real world issues,
  • Teacher-selected web links, annotated by the teacher to better guide the student's use of the web resources,
  • Workspace that may include multiple-choice or discussion questions (answers are e-mailed to the teacher), or a structured message board where students discuss issues from the web links,
  • Evaluation, in the form of a teacher-constructed rubric with a rubric calculator that the teacher (and students) can use to compute grades based on indicators of performance.

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Build a SLATE from Library of Links

Science Resources
Space, Earth, Life
Social Studies
Geography, History, Politics
Words of Humankind
Literature, Power, Faith

SLATE is designed to help teachers address several problems that are common when attempting to integrate Internet technology into classroom instruction.

  1. How do I guide learning while students are on the Internet?

    SLATE enables teacher to build web pages that their students visit, providing text and image contexts for how you want students to focus on the information they are examining.

  2. How do I avoid the waste of precious instructional time as students surf the Net looking for information?

    SLATE helps teachers to provide students with web links that carry them to selected valuable web resources.

  3. I do not have time to build web pages for my students. How does SLATE help?

    SLATE was designed with this problem in mind, to enable teachers to create web-based activities that take advantage of the Net's unique opportunities, without taking valuable time. In most cases, a teacher can create a SLATE web activity in less time than it would take to make a paper worksheet for your class (about 45 minutes).

What is SLATE Enabled?
Perhaps the greatest shortage that teachers have in accomplishing their jobs is TIME. To help save teachers precious time, many universities, publishing companies, departments of education, and even schools create and maintain Lists of Links. These are web pages with organized links to web sites on the Internet that have been identified for their potential to help teachers teach. Most Lists of Links are organized by subject area and include annotations written to help the teacher identify those web resources that would be most valuable to his or her students.

Lists of Links can be SLATE Enabled so that teachers can "click" a link directly into their SLATE web activities, saving valuable time and effort. The Landmark Project web site, Landmarks for Schools is the first web site to be SLATE Enabled. Visit one of its categories (Science Resources to see what happens when you click Add to SLATE.

To learn about having your List of Links SLATE Enabled, contact:

David Warlick
The Landmark Project
Who Created SLATE? SLATE was constructed by The Landmark Project, an instructional technology firm that provides staff development, consulting, and web-design services for educational institutions. The concept of easily constructed online web activities came out of years of hands-on staff development with teachers.

David Warlick, the principal consultant and director of The Landmark Project (and programmer of SLATE) wanted to be able to guide his workshop participants' use of the Internet via the Internet, so that he could provide individual assistance to teachers concerning special needs and opportunities. He also wanted teachers' hands-on experience to involve the three unique qualities of the Internet that are especially suited for teaching and learning:

  • Collaboration
  • Rich & Interactive Information Resources
  • Contributive Express

f:919-571-2760 @

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The Landmark Project