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The Landmark Project Logo Welcome to the NCETC 2004 Conference blog Center. This web page, which is provided by NCETC and The Landmark Project, serves two functions.

  1. The Landmark Project offers a free and temporary blogging tool for Conference attendees. You can register with the conference blog and start posting articles right away.

  2. There are a number of free blogging tools available, principal among them is Google's Blogger.Com. It is incredibly easy (3 easy steps) to set up an account and start blogging almost immediately.

  3. If you are interested in setting up a classroom blog, and having your students to write to authentic audiences with weblogs, consider Class Blogmeister, also from The Landmark Project.

The true magic of blogging and a variety of other emerging tools, increasingly referred to as Web 2.0, is how this content can be connected and reconnected, adding value for its readers. Utilizing this technology, This page will generate a list of weblogs write about and during the NCETC conference and pictures taken at the conference. Follow the instructions below to have your blog entries and photographs included in this listing. Subscribe with Bloglines 

NCETC Conference Blogging

To make your weblog articles available to other NCETC attendees and educators unable to attend the conference, follow these directions:
  1. Register your blog with Technorati.
    1. Go to the Technorati ( web site.
    2. Click Sign Up at the top of the page.
    3. Fill in the web form that appears with your first name, last name, e-mail, username, password, and country, and click the SIGN UP NOW button.
    4. After you have registered a Technorati account click Claim Blog.
    5. Type the URL of your blog (ex: into the textbox and click the Begin Claim button.
    6. Follow the continue instructions provide by Technorati.
  2. Mention "NCETC" in your blog articles so that Technorati will aggregate them to the listing above.  It will also expedite the recognition of your blog if you include the following HTML code in the body of your article.
 <a href="" rel="tag">ncetc</a>
  1. To faclitate Technorati's rapid recognician of your blog articles, go to the ping page ( and type the URL of your blog entry in the textbox and click the Ping! button.

NCETC Conference Photo Blogging (Flickr)

You can also share your photos with other conference attendees and educators who are unable to attend the conference.  This page will be aggregating photos that are taken at or about the conference from the Yahoo! Flickr photo archive service.  To have your photos included in this listing, follow these directions.

  1. If you do not already have an account with Yahoo! Flickr, then go to the flickr page ( and click the Sign up now! button.
  2. If you already have a Yahoo! account, then login with your Yahoo ID: and password.  This will put you into flickr.  If you do not have a Yahoo! account, then click Sign Up to establish an account.
  3. Flickr is a free service, although you are limited to the amount of data you can upload to the service each month.  For $24.95 a year, you get 2 GB of monthly upload, unlimited storage, bandwidth, and photosets, and ad-free browsing.  this isn't a sales pitch, just information.  I use the free version myself.
  4. There are two ways to upload your pictures to flickr:
    1. Upload through the web
      • click Upload photos on  your flickr page
      • You can upload up to six images at a time
      • click the Browse button for the first textbox
      • a file dialog box will appear.  Find and select the picture file you wish to upload and click Open.
      • The disk path to that image file will appear in the textbox.  After you have selected all of the images you wish to upload, type "NCETC" into the Add tags for ALL these images textbox, then click the UPLOAD button.
      • After a moment, a page will appear with your picture and a web form to edit the title, description, and tags of the image.  All that needs to be there, though, is "NCETC" in the tags textbox.
    1. Upload from your mobile phone (requires the ability to send pictures to an e-mail address)
      • Near the bottom of your page, click Upload-by-email.
      • Flickr will generate an e-mail address for you that might look something like this:
      • Enter this address into the address book of your phone. 
      • Before leaving this page, type "NCETC" into the texbox labeled Tag all your photos uploaded by email withBe sure to change this text after the conference, or else we might get the pictures of your husband's niece's wedding.