The Digital Index Card is a web-based tool for collecting and evaluating Internet and other information. It consists of two forms. The first asks for basic facts about the information being considered and for the reasons that the information helps the research answer their question or accomplish their goal. The second form collects more facts about the information so that it can generate a proper citations (APA & MLA).

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This Internet information collection form is based on the article, Evaluating Internet Information: A Goals-Based Approach by David Warlick. This article has also been published by Meridian, an online journal of North Carolina State University, and the Media Awareness Network of Canada. Evaluating Internet Information.. is permanently hosted by From Outside the Box, an irregularly updated newsletter published by David Warlick.
This form relies on a wide variety of Internet tools, some residing in this web page, others existing along the millions of miles of Internet highway residing on dozen's of computers each with its chances of failure. Because the Internet can be a precarious technology to use, neither David Warlick nor The Landmark Project are responsible for aspects of this tool that are beyond our control.

Constructed by David Warlick
August, 1999
Major Revision September 2001