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David Warlick
Public Speaker, Training,
Web Design & Applications for Education
I have been building web pages since 1993, beginning with the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction's InfoWeb, the Nation's first comprehensive state DOE web site.  My signature  site, Landmarks for Schools, has been available to teachers since 1995 and is currently receiving 250,000+ accesses a month.

-- Dave Warlick

Associated Web Sites

sqbullet.gif (939 bytes) Landmarks for Schools -- http://landmark-project.com/
Serving teachers since 1995, this web site helps teachers find information resources that they and students can use by moving the information into other information processing software.  This site also includes instructions for moving digital information into specific software packages.

Incredible! Fantastic! I have been trying for years to get teachers to consider the use of primary source data in the classroom, even in elementary school. I've made some headway, but your site may make it easier. This is really cool.

Thomas Tobiason, The American School in Japan


sqbullet.gif (939 bytes) Global Grocery List -- http://www.schoollife.net/schools/ggl
The Global Grocery List project is the 2nd oldest on-going instructional project on the Internet.  Teachers retrieve a grocery list from the web site and then record the average prices for each item at their local grocery store.  Finally, classes share their prices with other schools by posting them onto the GGL database.


sqbullet.gif (939 bytes) Current Awareness -- http://landmark-project.com/ca
Current Awareness is a collaborative project with the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction.  This site provides a searchable database of article citations from educational journals and other publications spanning back three years.


sqbullet.gif (939 bytes) New Century School House -- http://landmark-project.com/ncsh
This is an interactive web site that asks teachers to dream about what classrooms should be like five years from now.  Participants visit a virtual school building that has been gutted of all relics of industrial age education.  Then they are asked to adopt an empty classroom and then repurpose the room for information age learning.


sqbullet.gif (939 bytes) From Outside the Box -- http://landmark-project.com/fotb
From Outside the Box is a collection of short articles that explore a variety of issues related to using computer and Internet technology in our schools.


sqbullet.gif (939 bytes) NC TechEDGE --
NC TechEDGE is a combination community building site for technology facilitators throughout North Carolina and also an online technology evaluation tool for schools and districts.  Utilizing the CEO Forum's STaR Chart, this site provides an online survey, customized graphical profile building, and collaborative facilities that allow schools to share successful implementation strategies within the context of the online survey.  Contact me to learn more about this valuable site since most of the features are password protected.


sqbullet.gif (939 bytes) Cardinal Gibbons High School -- http://cghsnc.org
This is more than just a school web site.   This web environment has been especially designed so that all appropriate faculty, staff, and students can publish to this site using customizable web forms.  A wide variety of features exist in this site, including:
  • Teacher Home & Policy Pages,
  • Administrative Pages,
  • Internal & External Lists of Links,
  • Homework Pages with Web Links & Uploadable Files,
  • A Teacher Maintained Digital Library,
  • Teacher-Built Interactive Student Activity Pages, and more.

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Copyright (c) 1995 - 2003 by David Warlick & The Landmark Project