Moving Images into Graphics Software
Objective Task You want your students to learn about specific events that happened in America that led to the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence.  To do this, you want to give teams of students a map of Colonial America on disk, so that they can use a graphics program to annotate the map, describing the locations and circumstances of the events.  You have found a map on the Web and want to down load it to a graphics program.
Step 1 Load the web page into your browser.
Step 2 Using your mouse, put the pointer on the image that you want to download.  It can be anywhere on the image.
Step 3 d4a.gif (18640 bytes)If you are using a Windows computer, click the right or secondary mouse button.  If you are using a Mac OS computer, hold down the mouse button.  After a moment a menu will pop out from the image.


Step 4 From the pop-up menu, select Save Image As...  A standard file dialog box will appear, with which you can select a target location for the file to be saved.  The file will either be saved as a GIF or JPeg file.  These are the two standard image file types for the World Wide Web. 
Step 5 When the file is saved you can open it into your graphics program.  If you graphics program will not read GIF or JPeg files, then the file will have to be converted.  There are a number of programs available on the Internet that will handle this for you.  They range from basic image converters, to full-featured image processing software.  Here are some examples and their web locations.
Windows 3.x & 95
LView Pro
This is a shareware program ($40) that will handles most file type conversions and also includes a variety of image editing features including: filters, cropping, transparent GIF conversion and more.
Paint Shop Pro
This shareware ($99) program offers a wide variety of conversion types, and professional level image enhancement features including: flexible painting and retouching brushes, adjustable cropping and selection tools, filters, and many other enhancement tools.
Mac OS
This is a basic image converter that will take GIFs and JPegs and turn them into PICT or Paint, which are the standard image types for the Mac OS environment.  The program is shareware ($30).
This shareware program ($35) does the same thing as GIFConverter but also has a number of additional image enhancement features.