Text to Word Processor
Objective Task You may have found a web page with information about a historic event, a specific location, or a scientific phenomena.  In writing a report or preparing a study guide, you would like to include only portions of the text in your report, which is being composed with a word processor.
Note: Be aware that when using this technique, you will only be saving the text of the web page without images or other multimedia.
Step 1 Load the web page into your browser.
Step 2 Using your mouse, highlight the text that you want to include in your information product.
Step 3 Copy TextPull down the Edit menu of your browser and select Copy.  This will make a copy of the highlighted text, storing the copy in your computers clipboard.
Step 4 Now that your selected text is stored in your computer, you should start your word processor, or other processing tool.  If you have already begun work on your information product, move the cursor to the position where you want the web text to be inserted.
Step 5 In your word processor, pull down the Edit menu and select Paste.  This will move the text from your computers clipboard into the position of the cursor.