Text to Disk
Objective Task You have found a web page of which you need the entire text saved to disk.  Examples might be the Declaration of Independence or A Tale of Two Cities.  You may be providing disk copies so that your students can easily annotate the document or conduct string searches of the text.
Note: Be aware that when using this technique, you will only be saving the text of the web page.  The resulting file will be a text or ASCII file without images and other multimedia.
Step 1 Load the web page into your browser.
Step 2 Pull down the File menu and select Save as...
Step 3 A standard file dialog box will appear, standard to Windows 3.x, 95, or Mac OS.  Use the dialog box to find a logical location on your disk(s) to save the file.

d1a.gif (5629 bytes)

Enter a filename for the file with ".txt" as the file extension.  Make sure that the Save as type: section is set to Plain Text (*.txt).

Step 4 Your browser will save the file to the target location on your disk as a text file.  You should be able to load this file into any word processor and most web editors.