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What is a Class Web

  • A Class Web is a web site created by a teacher or other educator specifically for his or her students.  Class Webs provide students with learning environments where they can access information, collaborate with others, and express their knowledge and experience. 

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Class Web Mailing List

The Class Web mailing list has two main goals. 

First of all it will serve as a tool to help educators gain the knowledge, skills, and awareness needed to build class webs.   Secondly, this mailing list will be a forum for the collaborative development of ideas and applications for teacher-constructed lass webs.

To join this mailing list, send an empty e-mail message to classweb-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

After a moment, you will receive an e-mail response from Yahoo!Groups.  Follow the instructions provided in this message. 

Where Our Members Are!

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The focus of this community has expanded in recent months to include issues of classroom web page publishing: how, why, what, and how much. Please join the Classweb mailing list to learn more.

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