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If you do not have the skills to alter and manipulate HTML and do not have a colleague with these skills, I can help you implement BLUE WRENCH in your school or district. I will take your current web page and insert BLUE WRENCH scripts into the HTML so that your pages can be updated as easily as using NotePad.

I can also assist in identifying web hosting companies that support BLUE WRENCH technology or provide information for your web administrator on locating and installing the required software if they do not already have it.

Additional services may include

  • training for teachers, including the philosophy behind school and classroom web sites,
  • training for selected teachers (and students) in HTML and/or PHP so that they can adapt the scripts to your specific needs and participate in the open source community,
  • Web design...I'll be happy to suggest adjustments to your web page design to make your information communicate itself more effectively.
You can learn about my range of consulting, training, and public speaking services at

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David Warlick
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